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Friday Night Manifests

One thing I love about projects like this is that the unknown often turns into the better-than-imagined. Case in point: this past Friday evening I gathered at the Minoru Chapel with about 15 people, mostly members of the City Centre Community Centre poetry appreciation group. I have been attending the group's Wednesday meetings for about a month and have been delighted by their laughter, enthusiasm for performance, and group conviviality. Despite not speaking any Mandarin, I can feel the emotion pouring off the page and through the voices and bodies of these performers.

I had planned the Friday night event to include a short manifest gathering exercise, a stroll through the Chapel garden, and a bit of writing inspired by the sights, sounds, and scents I imagined we would encounter. To my delight, nearly all of my plans went out the window, to be replaced by so much laughter that I walked to the train with cheeks sore from smiling.

Our evening began with hellos on the front steps, …

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